There is this huge hunger I have. Hunger of success. To reap what I saw. To lead. To feel it's making a difference. To inflate my proud chest while looking at my new, evolved artwork.  To be perfectly imperfect. To know that those days I spend walking in circles on my house's corridor without knowing what to do next are worth it. I'll know what to do. I'll get there. That actually, I'm doing it.

I want to share it all. But turns out a lot of the things I want to talk about aren't supposed to be told. Every time I hear this phrase, a cockroach climbs from inside me out and tells me I shouldn't do it or I'll be left behind. I won't make it. That disgusting cockroach made of fear tells me I should follow the unsaid rules.

But turns out I'm even hungrier than I imagined. And if that means I gotta eat a cockroach, so be it.

I want to share with you everything I do. All my efforts. All the things I say to myself I'll do and then I never do. All the unexpected wins too. The whole big process, not only of painting but of the whole business. Because I'm an artist and I have a business. 

So after giving it a deep thought (or a hundred) for almost two months this is what I came up with: An "Art & Income monthly report".

I don't want this newsletter to be yet another "sign up for a peek at my work in progress and be the first to know when new work is being released". 

So, crunch-crunch. I chewed and ate that asshole of a cockroach I have for fear and this new idea was born.

But what is this Art & Income Report I'm talking about? It's just as simple as it sounds: I want to send you one report (aka, a long email with words) every month where I'll share with you all I did that month to get my business rolling, even if it's little by little.

This is how the report will be structured:

  • What's this about: Short explanatory intro about the report: Why and how it works. 


    • Last month two main goals (Business and Art related)

      • Did I achieve them?

      • Why or why not?

    • This month two main (and achievable) goals. (Business and Art related)

      • How will I achieve them?

      • What are my actionable baby steps?

      • Fears holding me back to achieve this month's goals.

  • Projects

    • Projects I’m currently working on: Series of paintings and/or ideas.

  • Must-read books

    • I want to read 2 business-related books every month. (Inspiration)

    • The main lesson learned for each book.

  • The uncomfortable moment when you talk about money

    • Expenses

    • Profit/sales

    • Monthly net profit.

  • Big wins and struggles of the month.

Alright. That's it for now. If you like the idea then enter your name and email below to subscribe. I’m currently preparing my first income report where you'll see my results for September and my expectations for October. Which is, now that I'm typing it all down, super streeeessful. Thinking about sharing my expectations for the whole month in public without knowing if it'll work out or not makes me wanna bite my nails. I don’t have a steady income at all. I made 3500$ now in September, but I can assure you I might end October with just expenses. But my fucking-yeah-let’s-do-this plan is to build a solid income and fill that stellar hunger I have of being an artist.

With love and some bitten nails,