Here’s my painting journey so far.


I was born in Majorca, Spain, in 1987. I started painting when I was 11 and then began taking art lessons at the age of 14. I remember the joy of trying out all the possible techniques, from pencils, charcoals, pastels and watercolors, (and thinking painting on my face made me look cool) until I found my love for oils. Later on I studied Fashion Design, where I realized I wasn’t in good terms with the sewing machine (and would never be) so I ditched clothing to work towards my passion in painting.

Up until 2017 my artwork consisted in a mixture between abstract and figurative, where I explored the theme of identity and emotion in portrait paintings. Bold, strong colors would take over the realism of a face, invading its thoughts and sensations.

Yet, in my most recent work I explore the essence of a memory by combining color, light and movement. Color studies are a crucial part of my process, as they allow me to set the right mood to capture a frozen instant. There is an almost glorified beauty in the smallest little moments of our daily life, whether that might be jumping from some stairs, stepping on a puddle or simply hugging somebody dear to you.

My paintings have been featured in several online and printed publications such as Juxtapoz, Bizarre Magazine, Design Art Fest, among others and have been exhibited and are owned by collectors with great taste from all over the world.