I am my favorite artist

I was looking for a motivational phrase to tell myself every day. Something that could make me push harder, that gave me courage and the will to be better, (even if just a little bit) but also let me recognize how good I am in this very moment, regardless of the hundreds of artists I compare myself to. 

At first nothing came out. I have to say it was a bit disappointing.

"Focus on what's already there, what you already know and totally believe"

So I said to myself: "I am an artist".

Sure, that sounded true, but also kinda poor. Not special enough to become my "enchantment".

"I am a great artist".

I really wanted to believe that, and, of course, being a "great artist" was better than simply being an artist out of millions. Problem is, there are also hundreds of thousands greater artists out there, so that phrase made me feel one of too many people. Kind of buried.

"I am the best artist".

Well. Big no. I definitely didn't believe that. Maybe one day I will be strong enough to truly believe that myself, but right now, my mind simply doesn't buy it. Plus, it sounds too pedant, even if I just wanted to say it to myself. Not that is bad to believe you are the best in what you do. On the contrary, I think it is a super powerful conviction that will take you wherever you want.

I honestly can't picture it just yet.

Oldie from 2016 :)

Oldie from 2016 :)

I firmly believed in the phrases "I am an artist"  and"I am a great artist", but how could I make them special? Personal and empowering? How would that phrase motivate me to work harder, to feel proud of myself and my effort?

That's when it came to my mind:

"I am my favorite artist"

Hell, I believe that. It feels special. Exclusive. I feel privileged and reinforced.

It makes me want to improve to the very best version of myself. At each and every new painting I work on, I keep asking myself "Is this how my favorite artist would compose it?" "Will this become my favorite painting so far?" Best thing is, the only one I’m comparing myself to (ok, most of the time) is just me.

I am the only one limiting myself. I am the only one capable of reaching towards what I envision.

So, for all that, I say "I am my favorite artist"

It simply is my perfect enchantment.

Andrea Castro