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The mood and sentiment conveyed are undeniable, as she aims to connect her abstract brushwork with the emotions and stories of the characters she creates.
— The Plus Paper

I paint that piece of blurry memory of a hot summer night.

I paint a cascade of emotions, silent behind that well trained smile.

I paint those spirited eyes that scream decision and confidence.


Little stories. Big emotions.


I collect bits of anecdotes that I see around me, or that people share with me. Then I play and splash them into the canvas.

Figurative work? Abstract work? I’d say I need both.


I feel brave. And vulnerable. Both at the same time. Does that even make sense?

My studio is my safe place. And oil paintings are my preferred language.

I use art as my personal microphone. Or megaphone. It lets me translate those unsaid emotions into a visual diary in the form of a painting.

And then, once the painting is finished, I finally see its meaning. Whether it’s joy, sorrow, courage, or that bad joke that made you laugh.

Either way, is beautiful.